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We all know researching and comparing products before buying is always a good idea... but we don't always have the time to do so. There are at least four (4) factors one should consider in selecting a composter:

Effectiveness, Durability, Price, and Origin - Made in America.

You might want to read the article Finding the BEST composter. In summary, the best composter depends on people's environment, available materials, budget, and (the biggest issue) willingness to spend time doing it. In a typical urban environment where open composting is not realistic (or even allowed) and you are looking for a composting approach that is simple, clean, safe (near pest, odor, and child/pet proof), and fast... then I assume you know the Compost Tumblers offer the best solution.

Since it is difficult to impossible to get effective compost heating in batches under 7 cu ft, we know that should be the minimum size of your composter. Among compost tumblers, those that have central aeration systems are in fact going to be the more effective. We invented the central aeration system used in the Urban Compost Tumblers, patented it in 2000 and was the first manufacture to offer it to the public in a compost tumbler. Others have attempted to add some type of aeration but no one else has done it more effectively.

Remember a composter must sit outside in the sun and rain, hot and cold, year round and hold up. Units with hinged doors, gears, metal parts, cranks and whatever are going to have problems. Wet compost can get very heavy so the barrel/drum and the stand/frame they sit on must be able to hold a couple hundred pounds or more without bending. The warranty offered by a manufacture can be an indicator on durability.

Here is an over simplified test... but it works. How much does the composter weigh when empty? This will tell you the actual amount of material they used to construct it. For example, there are many inexpensive compost tumblers that weight 20-30 lbs. In contrast, the Urban Compost Tumbler weights over 70 lbs and comes with a 10-year warranty. What does that tell you about its construction and durability?

There are a large number of compost tumblers on the market ranging in cost from $99 to almost $1,000. A couple factors can cut this range down. I don't believe there are any compost tumblers for under $100 that are at least 7 cu ft in size (minimum to start heating compost effectively) and very few people are willing to spend over $500 for a composter. So, the typical price range for a compost tumbler that can start to do an effective job of composting is (after shipping and related costs) going to be in the $150 to $500 price range.

However, the true price or value of a composter tumbler is actually a combination of price, durability and effectiveness. You can feel like you're saving by buying a cheaper composter but if it is less effective and does not hold up over time, you probably have not saved at all.

Made in America
This is the simplest of all tests. Is it important to you to keep jobs in America? If so, whenever possible buy American made products.